07 marraskuuta 2013

Phil In The Air

Hey there!

What goes around comes around.. We have been making these sketch comedy videos over the past few year. My friend Joni Koivuniemi created this "pro" -sketch character some years ago. Long story short. He plays a guy who gets pretty serious about whatever he's doing. He's been a Stripper Pro, a Taper Pro, a Free Fight Pro, a Pinball Pro you name it.

All the sketches were made basically as a hobby by Joni (pro), Kalle (cameraman) and me (editor and later on composer, too). We were just having fun. But last week some decisions we had made year ago started to haunt us, so to speak.

Our most successful (views wise) was Pussy Rally Pro. It got almost 1 million views on YouTube. Which I think is pretty good for a Finnish comedy sketch. This was one of our first pieces and we didn't really expect it to receive that much attention. But views started to grow. And finally the copyright holders of the music track changed their policy. YouTube blocked the video in Finland and some other countries. And that's fair enough. We had it coming, as everyone else on YouTube who's using someone else's work.

Anyways, now we had to get a new music track for the video. So I composed this little piece last week. The original track was "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, and we felt that the new music should be very similar to this.

Sure, it's a bit of a drag to revisit your earlier work and fix problems that shouldn't have been there in the first place. But this project turned out to be a really good practice for my upcoming album, as well. I learned a lot about Reason, mixing and composing, too.

I've never tried to imitate a certain song this close before. In practice, I mean. Sure you can analyze stuff on paper, but that's different than trying to come close to a certain sound in practice. And where do you draw the line? How do you compose a song that's as similar as possible, but not exactly the same?

Especially the first half of this piece is almost uncomfortably close to "In The Air Tonight", but I decided to leave it as it is for two reasons. 1. The context is appropriate. It's a parody anyways, so I think I can make a case for coming this close. 2. This is a home studio production. I don't think there's anyone who'd think this sounds equal to the original...

So here it is, "Phil In The Air".


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